Dry Ice Storage Container




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High Quality Dry Ice Box China Supplier

WANTONG Dry ice containers /boxes provided for you . 

Cooperate with professional manufacturer in China, custom our own insulation boxes, with low temperature resistant PE material, suitable for dry ice storage and turnover. Have good heat preservation, wear resistance, impact resistance.

For dry ice blasting , cold chain transpotation , keeping seafood /friuts/ vegatables fresh , our dry ice containers are you best choice .

Dry ice is a good cold insulated medium , widely used to keep cold, dry ice cleaning , cold chain transportation, and other filed , see more application : https://www.ntpco2.com/application-of-dry-ice/

The good insulation performance of the dry ice incubator is conducive to the long-term preservation of dry ice and the extension of the cold preservation effect, which plays an important role in practical application.