Industrial Dry Ice Blasting Machine WT-750B




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New powerfull Industrial Dry ice blasting machine WT-750B For Cryo cleaning

Dry ice blasting machine 750B New
Motor power0.75kw
Power supply220V-240V
Air Consumption≥3 m³/min
Dry Ice Consumption0.1-5.0 kg/min ,
according to real conditions
Hopper Capacity25kg
Air Hose length8m
Blaster Hose Length6m
Overall Dimension900*600*900 mm
Weight120 kg

Model Features

WT-750B Industrial Dry Ice Blasting Machine 
New Upgrade Features:

• With stainless steel 304L material, construction appears nice and reliable use;

•Equipment frame to add hinge Settings, easy maintenance;

• Control dry ice consumption stably by frequency conversion adjusting speed;

•Upgraded internal structure, making the injection force more direct and powerful;

•Euipped with pressure regulator and air filter ;

• Various spray guns applicable for different cleaning areas;

• With 1 handle & 4 wheels easy to push ;

• Equipped with foot brake, increase machine stability.

WT-750B Industrial dry ice blasting machine

Spary gun accessories: 1* compressed air pipe, 1* ice spray pipe, 1 set of spray gun with nozzle optional, power supply control line.

The updated new spray gun with searchlight , add more type of nozzles for choose .

WT 750B 配件图 2022

advantages Of Wantong Dry ice blasters

Unique advantages of Dry ice blast cleaning machine :

• Environment friendly unlike traditional industrial cleaning methods, non-abrasive ,no dreadful chemicals.
• No-residues , completely free from secondary wastes, harmful gases.
• The equipments do not need to be moved from the actual place.
• Increase working efficiency of the equipment.
• Eliminate contaminants using this technology.
• Efficiently remove heavy oils, bitumen, corrosion inhibitor chemicals etc. from piping, valves, wellheads and other related equipment.
• Reduces downtime,as no drying time and leaves no residue.
• Dry ice blast cleaning does not waste and it drastically reduces the cost of waste disposal.
• Improving productivity levels by reduced equipment downtime for cleaning services.

Learn more about dry ice cleaning tech applications .

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