Why is it better to use CO2 dry ice for keeping fresh and cold?

Dry ice for keeping fresh

CO2 Dry ice, which is solid carbon dioxide, is known for a variety of uses, including preservation and refrigeration. Generally dry ice has two states, one is small pellets, used as a cleaning agent for industry; another is dry ice blocks, used as a refrigerant for food preservation.

The cooling capacity of CO2 dry ice is more than 3 times that of water ice.

After absorbing heat, it sublimates into carbon dioxide gas,no residual, no toxicity, no odor, and has the effect of sterilization. So , the use of dry ice to keep fresh fruits&vegetables&fishes is a low-cost cold chain transportation method that can be used by many distribution enterprises.

2 Fishery

For fresh distribution, ensuring the freshness of food materials is a big challenge it faces. Shortening the delivery time, freshness and timeliness is also the key to improving fresh distribution capacity.

CO2 Dry ice can produce a low temperature of minus 78.5 degrees. Some fresh ingredients have a short shelf life and need to be stored in the freezing environment, and the use of dry ice refrigeration, the preservation time will be increased. The first choice of fresh meat and fish distribution and transportation is dry ice, which can greatly extend the storage time and improve the distribution efficiency.

3 Cold chain logistics

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