How does food grade dry ice work in catering industry ?

Food grade dry ice applications

Food grade dry ice is high purity product .

Dry ice, known as solid carbon dioxide, sublimates directly into a non-toxic, odorless carbon dioxide gas at minus 78.5 degrees Celsius. In the catering industry, dry ice gradually replaces water ice. When dry ice sublimates into low temperature carbon dioxide gas, it will immediately form white fog in the room temperature air, which is beautiful and moving, and can greatly improve the beauty and mystery.

4 Feature applications - food and catering
Food grade dry ice

Dry ice is more widely used than water ice in the food and catering industry and has been widely used in aviation food preservation.

Dry ice is added when making ice cream, which is not easy to melt, such as Haagen-Dazs and other well-known brands also use dry ice;

High-end restaurants put dry ice under dishes, making smoke landscape to improve the level of banquet;

Frozen food storage and transportation, shrimp, crab, shark fin and other seafood and fish frozen are stored by dry ice;

Carbon dioxide can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, so that food do not corrupt for a long time;

“Dry ice” has the function of sterilization, can effectively prevent the reproduction of bacteria in food, maintain food freshness;

Fresh supermarket food frozen storage, emergency refrigeration, dry ice can solve the shortage of water ice supply.

WanTong dry ice maker with 30kg/h , 50kg/h production capacity will meet the general needs of catering business. Small , portable , easy to operate .

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