Some interesting about Dry ice fog

Dry ice fog is widely used

in stage, theater, film and television, wedding celebrations, celebration parties and other field for production of cloud sea effect, and there are countless classic plays using dry ice to produce special effects.

The moment of dry ice sublimation will produce a large amount of white dry ice fog, overflow the whole stage in a short time, creating a wonderland general smoky fantastic effect, this is the charm of dry ice smoke effect. Good dry ice smoke can properly coax the stage atmosphere, not only bring the audience a dreamy experience, but also leave you unlimited reverie, is an indispensable technique of expression in stage art display.

Dry ice fog effect
Dry ice fog effect

Dry ice fog machine is developing rapidly now, the amount of smoke, the jet distance is far, the cloth smoke area is wide. Stainless steel equipment shell, beautiful and unique design. With anti-dry burning automatic temperature control function, low noise, compact structure, easy to use, can produce high quality dry ice CARBON dioxide CO2. The dry ice fog /smoke has the characteristics of low temperature, continuous, thick and not chaotic and no residue, staying on the ground for a long time, not floating and so on.

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