How To Dry Ice Blast For Cryo Cleaning ?

Dry ice blast cleaning machine is a new type of cryogenic cleaning equipment. Its internal cleaning system sprays dry ice particles from the ice hopper to the working surface that needs to be cleaned through high-pressure air, and uses the physical reaction of temperature difference to separate different substances at different contraction rates, thereby achieving the cleaning effect.

Compared to other cleaning equipment, it has significant advantages : Advantages Of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

And dry ice blasting machines are widely used in many kinds of industries: Dry ice blasting tech applications

Dry ice blast cleaning
Dry ice blast cleaning

How to Dry ice blast ?

A dry ice blasting machine is a powerful and efficient cleaning tool, but it is important to understand the correct operating methods before use. The following will introduce the steps to use a dry ice blaster:

1. Preparation: Ensure that the operating area is well ventilated and equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves, earplugs, and goggles. Meanwhile, check if the connecting pipelines and accessories of the cleaning machine are intact and undamaged.

2. Add dry ice pellets: Open the ice hopper of the dry ice cleaning machine and pour the dry ice material(generally use 3mm dry ice pellets as the cleaning medium )  into it. Note that according to the size of the cleaning task, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of dry ice to fully utilize its cleaning ability and avoid waste.

dry ice blasting
Ready for dry ice blasting

3. Connect the air source: Use the compressed air connection hose equipped with the dry ice blast cleaner to connect it to the air source. Ensure stable air supply and adjust the air supply pressure to the appropriate range to provide sufficient power.

4. Adjust the spraying method and angle: Select the appropriate spraying method and angle according to the different cleaning targets. Dry ice blasting machines usually come with different styles of nozzles to adapt to different cleaning scenarios, which can be adjusted as needed.

5. Start cleaning: Align the nozzle with the surface to be cleaned and press the switch to start cleaning. Maintain appropriate distance and angle to ensure that dry ice particles can effectively remove dirt while avoiding damage to the surface.

6. Pay attention to cleaning time: Different cleaning tasks may require different cleaning time. Normally, continuous spraying for 2-5 seconds can achieve the cleaning effect. If there are stubborn stains, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately, but it is important to avoid excessive cleaning.

7. Post processing: After cleaning is completed, turn off the dry ice cleaning machine and air source. Clean up residual dry ice pellets and perform appropriate maintenance and upkeep on the cleaning machine to ensure it is in normal condition.

Here is our Wantong Dry ice blaster opperation video for you reference : WT-750B Dry ice blaster installation and operate guide

Precautions for using a dry ice cleaner

When using a dry ice blast cleaner, the following precautions should be taken to ensure safe and effective cleaning:

Pay attention to ventilation: Carbon dioxide generated by dry ice cleaning will accumulate in the air, so good ventilation should be maintained in the operating area. This helps to eliminate carbon dioxide and ensure the safety of operators.

Avoid contact with fire sources: As dry ice is a flammable substance, when using a dry ice blasting machine, keep away from any sources of fire or open flames to avoid accidents.

Not suitable for sensitive surfaces: Dry ice cleaning is safe for most hard surfaces, but may cause damage to certain sensitive materials such as wood, plastic, glass, etc. Before cleaning, please make sure to understand the characteristics and sensitivity of the surface to be cleaned, and take additional protective measures or choose other cleaning methods when appropriate.

Avoid long-term cleaning of the same area: Dry ice cryo cleaning is an efficient cleaning method, but excessive cleaning of the same area may cause damage to the surface. Therefore, it is recommended not to continue cleaning in the same area for too long to avoid exceeding the required range.

Not directly sprayed on humans or animals: Dry ice particles are sprayed at high speed and have a certain pressure. For safety reasons, please ensure that the nozzle is not directly aimed at humans or animals to avoid injury.

Regular maintenance and upkeep: Dry ice cleaning machines require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure their normal operation and extend their service life. Clean and inspect according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and replace worn parts in a timely manner.

Receiving professional training: Before operating a dry ice blaster cleaning machine, it is best to receive relevant professional training. This can ensure that you understand the correct operating methods, safety precautions, and emergency handling.

Dry ice blast cleaning
Dry ice blast cleaning

In summary, it is important to understand the correct operating methods and precautions before using a dry ice blasting machine. By operating correctly, cleaning tasks can be safely and quickly completed, improving cleaning effectiveness and work efficiency. Please always maintain safety awareness, wear personal protective equipment, and follow the advice and instructions of the equipment provider to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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