2024 New Summary– Unique Dry Ice Application

Dry ice is well known for its extremely low temperature, and dry ice application is constantly updated with the development of the times.

Which application do you know about dry ice ?  Let us talk about it now .

Dry ice application
Dry ice application

Common Dry Ice Application

  • Preservation of aviation food , maybe you’ll be able to see it when you’re on an airplane some time .
  • Dry ice is used for industrial cleaning and can effectively remove scale on molds and other industrial equipment. It is one of the largest uses of dry ice at present and in the future.  We company rightly provide the dry ice blasting machines for different industries , it can clean kinds of object that you want . IT is really amazing tech !
  • Dry ice blasting
    Dry ice blasting
  • Add dry ice when making ice cream to prevent the ice cream from melting. Dry ice is particularly suitable for refrigeration of ice cream for delivery.
  • Special dishes made in high-end restaurants add dry ice to produce white smoke, which not only maintains the deliciousness of the food but also creates a visual feast. Such as making lobster and sashimi.
  • Dry ice fog
    Dry ice fog in food
  • Edible dry ice, add dry ice cubes to wine, cocktails or drinks, it will be cool and delicious when drinking, and the smoke in the cup will be very pleasant.
  • Dry ice is used to create cloud effects on stage, film and television, and is widely used in the literary and art circles, even at weddings.
  • Freezing and refrigeration of seafood. Dry ice does not melt into water and is cleaner and cleaner than water ice refrigeration. It has been widely used in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries.
  • Quick freezing, dry ice can be used to accelerate the freezing of high-end ingredients such as fish and sushi, ensuring freshness and extending storage time, which is incomparable to ordinary water ice cubes.  Dry ice is used in meat processing to reduce spoilage while freezing .

Unique dry ice application

When planting flowers and vegetables in greenhouses, carbon dioxide fertilizer should be applied, and dry ice can be used to achieve timed and quantitative application.

干冰 大棚

Living cell specimens in biological laboratories are transported using dry ice refrigeration, which is easier to operate, safer, and more convenient than using liquid nitrogen tanks for refrigeration. This has been adopted by many universities (mainly life sciences academies) and research institutes internationally.

During the preparation of nano powder, dry ice is added to ethane to modulate the cryogenic coolant within -70 ℃, providing the cryogenic environment necessary for the production of nano materials.

In the cold assembly process of mechanical parts, dry ice is often used as the cold source. Moreover, it is more operable than using liquid nitrogen as a cold source.

Asphalt cooling . Using dry ice can keep fine asphalt at the required temperature during transportation from the manufacturing factory to the construction site. More advantageous, using dry ice can accelerate its cooling process and quickly core the paving project.

Demolding. Plastic or rubber molecules are more likely to tightly bond and shrink under the action of dry ice, resulting in rapid demolding.

Dry medium – Dry ice will replace oxygen in the container to prevent fires. The most common use is to safely remove underground gas storage tanks.

Medical applications – There are many applications in the medical field.

Doctors usually use dry ice to freeze and eliminate warts or other skin blemishes. Temperature sensitive medical supplies, samples, and equipment are usually transported using dry ice as a coolant. Common use model WT-300 series , match for small amount demands of dry ice making .

School Science and Experiments – There are many interesting and creative scientific projects and experiments available for schools to use. Volcanoes, cloud chambers, comets, making baking soda, observing sublimation and gas expansion are some common school science projects.

Play with Dry ice
Play with Dry ice

So, it’s really shocking that there are so many dry ice application. With its continuous expansion of applications, perhaps there will be more uses in the future that you cannot imagine !

Do you know any other rare dry ice application ?

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