CO2 Dry Ice Is A Magical Substance

What is Dry Ice ?

Dry ice is solid type carbon dioxide(CO2) . It is a white solid, shaped like ice and snow, and vaporizes directly without melting when heated, hence the name dry ice.
It undergoes sublimation at -78.5 ℃, with a melting point of -56.6 ℃ (5.2 atmospheric pressure), a density of 1.56g/cm3 (179 ℃), and a face centered cubic lattice.

Dry ice is cold

At a pressure of 6250.5498 kilopascals, carbon dioxide is condensed into a colorless liquid, and then rapidly solidified under high pressure to obtain solid dry ice. Carbon dioxide (CO2)is a colorless and odorless gas that naturally exists in the air. Although its content in the air is relatively small (about 0.03% by volume), it is one of the most important gases we recognize.
Dry ice is highly volatile and sublimates into non-toxic and odorless gas carbon dioxide, which is 600-800 times larger than the volume of a solid. Therefore, dry ice cannot be stored completely
Containers with sealed volumes, such as plastic bottles, are prone to explosions when mixed with dry ice and liquids.

History of Dry Ice

The history of dry ice can be traced back to 1823 in England, when two people named Faraday and Derby first liquefied dioxide carbon, followed by the successful production of solid carbon dioxide by Germany’s Chirolai in 1834. But at that time, it was only limited to research use and did not widely used. The successful industrial mass production of dry ice was established by the Dry Ice Corporation in the United States in 1925. At that time the finished product is named dry ice, but its official name is solid carbon dioxide.

Dry ice is ediable ?

Absolutely not. In fact, dry ice products are used to create a smoke effect and enhance the visual taste of the food. At the same time, dry ice has the function of disinfection and sterilization, keeping the original taste of dishes, and giving people warm romantic, novel visual experience. Read more >>

Dry ice fog
Dry ice in food
How to make Dry ice ?

We Newtep has own Wantong Dry ice equipment factory , can provide dry ice making machines in different production from 30kg/h to 1000kg/h , also supply customization for our customers . This is a professional way to produce dry ice products , suitable for big/large quantity demands , dry ice plant client .

If you are interested to make a little for yourself own use , here is an article maybe helpfull , read here >> How-T0-Make-Dry-Ice

But no matter what, please pay attention to safety. The extremely low temperature of dry ice can easily freeze your skin.

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