1 amazing fact — Is solid dry ice edible ?

These days dry ice delicacies are so popular that more restaurants and bars are using them. Food-grade solid dry ice made with highly purified CO2 is edible, but don’t put it in your mouth directly as you’ll need to go to the hospital. 

Solid Dry ice
Solid Dry Ice

Why can’t you just put dry ice in your mouth ?

Solid Dry ice is not toxic, but due to its extremely low temperature- around -78℃, you will risk frostbite if you try to put it directly into mouth. Note that you need gloves to handle them.

Is dry ice in food for eating ?

Absolutely not. In fact, dry ice is used to create a smoke effect and enhance the visual taste of the food. At the same time, dry ice has the function of disinfection and sterilization, keeping the original taste of dishes, and giving people warm romantic, novel visual experience.

Dry ice in food
Dry ice in food, amazing visual effect

Other applications of solid dry ice in the food industry

Add pellet dry ice to wine, cocktails or drinks to keep them cool and tasty. It was so much fun to drink in the smoky atmosphere.

When making ice cream, add food grade dry ice, it is not easy to melt. Dry ice is especially suitable for delivering ice cream, frozen durian and other food.

Used for lobster, crab, shark fin and other seafood refrigeration. Dry ice will not melt into water, which is cleaner than water ice and easy to operate.

Dry ice in drinks
Dry ice in drinks

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