Dry ice how to make/produce ?

dry ice

What is it ?

It is is solid carbon dioxide (CO2), usually a non-toxic, tasteless white solid .  The temperature of dry ice is -78.5℃, so it is easy to sublimate into carbon dioxide gas (CO2) at room temperature and pressure. Its expansion coefficient is about 800-1000 times. And usually it needs to be stored in a special storage incubator, and need air permeability. 

The theory of making dry ice

In theory, CO2 gas can be turned into a solid as long as it stays below the sublimation temperature of dry ice. But in reality, that temperature is very difficult to achieve.
Normally, at room temperature and pressure of 6079.8 kpa, you will get liquid CO2 . Then at low temperature,  some of LCO2 condenses into a snowflake solid, and when you press them, will get it.

What is the specific preparation method?

Simple homemade method

Prepare a cloth bag, cover the outlet of a CO2 fire extinguisher, open the fire extinguisher safety, turn on the switch, quickly release the gas in the cylinder, in the cloth bag near the nozzle can see the falling white snow, that is dry ice.  According to the amount of gas can be properly controlled ejection time.

But the amount of dry ice produced in this way is smaller. At the same time, be sure to pay attention to safety.

Co2 灭火器

Mass production method

If you want to get large quantity , a special making machine is needed . Wantong brand dry ice machine can produce them with different size / type , production capacity from 30kg/h to 1000kg/h . Customlized is also available .


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