2022 Few Useful Tips Of Store Dry Ice Long Term

Today let us learn few tips of store dry ice .  Dry ice has a wide range of uses, from cryogenic refrigeration to creating a smoky effect. How dry ice is stored is very important because the right storage method can both extend storage time and ensure safety.

store dry ice
store dry ice

Simple summary of store dry ice

1. Wear antifreeze gloves before operation.

2. Choose a foam box, dry ice bucket (dry curling) or sepcial dry ice container/cooler to store dry ice.

3. If there is extra space in the container, fill it with paper balls.

4. Close the container well and place it in a cool, ventilated area.

5. Do not use non-professional sealed containers and do not store dry ice in non-special refrigerators for a long time.


How to store dry ice safely ?

  • When using to buy, do not buy too early, to avoid unnecessary volatilization loss. The loss rate of dry ice in an ordinary 2.5cm thick foam box is 3.5 to 6.5 kg per day on average. The specific rate is also affected by the ambient temperature, the thickness of the packing box and whether the packing box is damaged.
  • Dry ice can damage your skin, and the longer your skin is exposed to dry ice, the more severe the frostbite. When using dry ice, avoid direct contact with dry ice, and wearing long-sleeved work clothes can greatly reduce the risk of frostbite.
  • Reduce the number of times the container is opened. Keep the container closed when dry ice is not used. Special dry ice containers are pressure-relief designed to automatically remove excess gas when the container overpressure. Frequent opening of the dry ice container can cause hot air to come into contact with the dry ice, thus increasing the speed of dry ice gasification.
  • Dry ice containers when store dry ice should be placed in a cold and ventilated environment as far as possible . The ambient temperature is high, the dry ice gasification speed is fast, the ambient temperature is low, the dry ice gasification speed is relatively slow. The dry ice container is placed in a ventilated environment to ensure that the carbon dioxide released by gasification is dissipated in a timely manner to prevent the accumulation of CO2 causing an asphyxiating environment.
  • Pay attention to preventing frostbite. In case of accidental contact with dry ice, rinse the contact area with water immediately, and stop after confirming that there is no redness or swelling. However, some dry ice contact time is too long, the skin has appeared obvious redness and swelling, may have frostbite, soak the frostbitten skin with warm water to relieve frostbite injury, if the frostbite is serious, you must seek medical attention immediately.
  • Use special containers to store dry ice. For example, foam box, dry ice bucket (dry curling), special dry ice incubator, ultra low temperature refrigerator for scientific research. Foam boxes are more common, easier to obtain, and cheaper to acquire. However, the foam box is suitable for refrigerated transportation and ready to use. Dry ice can be stored in a dry ice bucket for up to seven days, and dry ice can be stored in a special dry ice incubator for up to 20 days.

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dry ice storage container
dry ice storage container

Here is a usefull article — How to store dry ice in cooler , maybe help you to learn more.

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