Liquid CO2–The Important Raw Material Of Dry Ice Production

Liquid CO2 is the raw material of dry ice production ?  Yes , it is , but still many friends donot know this . Now let us talk more about the LCO2 .

Liquid CO2
Liquid CO2

Dry ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2), is an incredibly dynamic substance, and demand for it has grown significantly in recent years. It is physically unique in that it can sublimate from a solid to a gas while providing refrigeration value, and its growth is mainly related to its increased use in food processing plants and portable food refrigeration.

At the same time, the dry ice market is currently in high growth mode globally, and this inherently cool, low-temperature product is in thermal demand for a range of applications. For example, the fish industry uses dry ice to cool freshly caught fish; The pharmaceutical industry uses dry ice to transport special medicines or vaccines; While the broader frozen food industry has used dry ice for years . Globally, it has also been applied to cold chain logistics, while dry ice blasting is one of the best known end uses and continues to be an increasingly popular cleaning method in multiple industries.

So the need for dry ice production is growing .

How does the dry ice making machine to transform liquid CO2 to be solid dry ice ?

Principle Of LCO2 To Be Dry Ice

At room temperature and pressure of 607, 8 kilopascals, carbon dioxide gas condenses into a colorless liquid. Dry ice is made by reducing the pressure of liquid CO2; Part of the liquid carbon dioxide evaporates, absorbing a lot of heat around it, so that the other part of carbon dioxide is cooled into a solid snow, and then through a specific extrusion mold, that is, to form different shapes of dry ice.

Take the dry ice pelletizer machine our company produced as an example. This kind of machine mainly composed of hydraulic system, electrical control system and extrusion molding system;  Using hydraulic extrusion molding, transform liquid CO2 to be different size in 3mm –19mm with high density .

LCO2-dry ice production
LCO2-dry ice production

What other uses does LCO2 have ?

1. Main uses of food grade liquid CO2 :

Carbonated drinks (Pepsi/Coca Cola, etc.), beer, freshly mixed drinks (Coke machine in fast food restaurant, etc.);

Food preservation, food grade dry ice, greenhouse vegetables;

Puffed food, puffed tobacco;

Supercritical extraction, etc. .

2. Main uses of industrial liquid CO2 :

Carbon dioxide welding;

Oil extraction;

Rare earth mining processing (strontium carbonate, barium carbonate, etc.);

Pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates (mono-cyanamide, dicyandiamide, etc.), chemical industry, etc.

3. Liquid CO2 solidified into dry ice can be used for dry ice cleaning, artificial rainfall, fire fighting, casting molding and other fields.

Dry ice cleaning
Dry ice cleaning

How to storage the LCO2 ?

Liquid carbon dioxide can be stored under high or low pressure conditions.


High pressure conditions

High-pressure liquid CO2(LCO2) is produced by compressing gaseous carbon dioxide to a pressure near 69 bar (1000,76 psi) through a multistage compressor and then cooling it to around 18°C(64,4°F). It is usually stored into special cylinders. Like water, LCO2 can be weighed, which is the normal form in which it is measured.

Low pressure conditions

Low-pressure liquids are another way to store carbon dioxide, which is created by expanding high-pressure CO2 to a lower pressure or by refrigeration. It is housed in purpose-built storage tanks, highly insulated and equipped with refrigeration. 

The low pressure LCO2 is transported through insulated road tankers or trailers, and the liquid is simply transferred from the moving tank to the static tank by pumping or gravity delivery.

Unlike water, carbon dioxide cannot exist as a liquid in the air. It must be kept liquid under pressure or refrigeration (or a combination of both).

More questions about the LCO2 , maybe view here you will get an answer :

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