Can Dry Ice Blasting Remove Rust 100% ?

Answer : Dry ice blasting remove rust is yes , but cannot be 100% .

Accurately speaking, dry ice blasing can remove floating rust, but it can not achieve the effect of polishing and grinding, because dry ice blast cleaning is particularly non-destructive cleaning, will not damage the cleaned substrate.

Dry ice blasting clean rust from the metal, but the chemically corroded surface created during the rusting process does not change, leaving the metal surface clean but pitted. So, if you want a smooth metal finish, you may not get it. To do this, you have to remove the metal from the surface, which dry ice blasting can’t do. But it maybe a good thing, because it preserves the integrity of the metal’s surface.

Dry ice blasting remove rust
Dry ice blasting remove rust

How is rust formed ?

Iron is the most widely used metal in the world today. But iron products have one of the biggest weaknesses is easy to rust. In a humid environment, iron molecules easily react with oxygen molecules in the air to form iron oxide, which will adhere to the surface of the iron, thus forming rust spots.

Once iron products are rusty, they should be removed as soon as possible, because rust is a loose porous oxide, which can speed up the rust of iron products.


How dry ice blasting remove rust efficiently ?

Dry ice blasting does not require the use of chemicals and does not cause flash rust, so the cleaned surface will remain dry and residue free.  If you are trying to prevent iron products from rusting, you need to prevent the metal from coming into contact with oxygen and water again. After dry ice cleaning , epoxy resin or spray paint can be applied as soon as possible to protect the metal from oxidation.

The benefits of using dry ice blaster to clean rust are numerous. Dry ice blast cleaning is one of the most environmentally friendly, resource-intensive and sustainable methods of rust removal. Dry ice cleaning can safely and effectively remove the rust from metal surfaces and thoroughly clean surfaces of coatings, rust, and corrosion. Dry ice jet will not leave any residue, completely non-abrasive, and improve the efficiency of rust removal. Dry ice clean derusting can be used for restoration and industrial equipment cleaning, among other industrial uses.

Dry ice blasting cleaning technology is realized by dry ice blasting machines. Dry ice blasters work by spraying dry ice at supersonic speeds through a specially designed nozzle. When it collides with a rusty surface, dry ice breaks the bond between the impurities and the surface, removing the stain after just one use and then sublimating. This phenomenon results from the combination of kinetic and internal energy, leaving no secondary waste. It is very safe and convenient for users.

Dry Ice Blasting Machine Models Recommend

Dry ice sandblasters can be used to remove coating or rust layers, or as rust treatment for various types of parts and equipment in a variety of industrial environments. So , to choose a satisfying model is also important .

We Newtep has own factory to provide Wantong dry ice blasting machine with good quality and high efficiency, equipped with Japanese brand motor makes the performance stable . If need to remove the rust , we recommend our mode WT-750B or WT-800A  , to meet your demands .

To have a look the reference video>> WT-750B Dry ice blasting machine removing rust

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