WT-750B Dry ice blasting machine make cleaning molds easy

A sample video of Wantong dry ice blasting machine WT-750B used to clean the injection molds

Development and application of dry ice blasting in production industry

The mold plays a vital role in industrial production, because the quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the workpiece. The mold is often used in high temperature and high humidity environment. After long-term use, there are many residues accumulated in the internal carved lines, which will affect the precision of the mold and the shape of the final product, leading to the increase of defective products. 

So, daily cleaning and maintenance of molds is necessary.  Most factories use chemical cleaning, sandblasting cleaning and other technologies, these methods can not fundamentally solve the problem of cleaning the mold, time-consuming and laborious, cleaning cost is also high . Especially sandblasting method will damage the surface of the mold, reduce the life of the mold. But now, with the new dry ice blasting technology, using CO2 dry ice particles as cleaning medium, non-abrasive, non-residues, and can be operated online, fast and effective . It not only better protect the molds and greatly save the cost of cleaning, will be the best choice.

dry ice cleaning effect
Dry ice blasting injection molds before and after

What is the principle of dry ice blasting machine?

Dry ice blasting machine is powered by compressed air to spray dry ice pellets to the surface of the cleaned object. When the air pressure is large enough, dry ice particles impact the dirt impurities on the surface of the object. At the same time, dry ice rapidly expands 800 times due to temperature changes, so that the dirt embrittles and falls . The whole cleaning process is physical sublimation of dry ice, efficient and environmental protection.

Dry ice blasting principle

Dry ice blasting is widely used in mold cleaning

Dry ice blasting equipment can thoroughly clean the mold surface of glue, oil, sediment and dust. And no damage to the surface pattern, no drawing burn spot and color difference damage, better maintenance of the mold to extend its service life.

It is suitable for most kinds of mold cleaning, tire mold, rubber mold, injection mold, casting mold and so on. 

Dry ice box for Dry ice blasting
Dry ice blaster WT-750B cleaning the tires mold

Wantong brand dry ice blasting machines provide different power to adapt to your different cleaning needs , will be a good choice .

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