2023 Dry Ice Important In Cold Chain Logistics Tranportation

Dry ice is important in Cold Chain Logistics Transportation .

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for express delivery transportation has experienced explosive growth. According to incomplete statistics, approximately 200 million packages are delivered every day in China, including not only clothing, electronics, and cosmetics, but also perishable products such as snacks, seafood, fruits, ice cream, and even biological reagents and vaccine specimens. How to transport them?  The answer is dry ice cold chain transportation.

Cold chain
cold chain

What is Cold Chain Logistics ?

Cold chain logistics refers to a special supply chain system in which raw materials, food or semi-finished products, special biological products, and drugs that have been processed and sterilized are stored, transported, distributed, and retail in the specific low-temperature environment required to reduce losses, prevent pollution and deterioration, and ensure food safety, biological safety, and drug safety. And dry ice happens to be a good cold insulated medium, with an extremely low temperature of about -78.5 ℃. At room temperature, it will sublimate into carbon dioxide gas–CO2, which is non-toxic, odorless, and has no residual moisture. Therefore, dry ice cold chain logistics has a good refrigeration and preservation effect, while also inhibiting the proliferation of microorganisms.

3 Cold chain logistics

Advantages Of Dry Ice In Transportation

The existing cold chain express and low-temperature distribution generally use the refrigeration form of refrigerated truck compressor refrigeration units, which consumes a lot of energy. For the current small number of multiple low-temperature distribution, it is neither economical nor environmentally friendly.

Some fresh cold chain express deliveries also use ice boards and other cold storage materials, which can be recycled, but have high costs, long secondary cold storage time, long turnover time, and low cold storage capacity. The specific trend is certain.

Dry ice for keeping fresh
Dry ice block keeping fresh

As an important way of modern cold chain logistics, dry ice cold chain is mainly aimed at industries directly related to life safety and human health, such as biology, medicine, and food.

Dry ice transportation is especially suitable for air low-temperature transportation. It not only saves space, but also can achieve the cooling effect that water ice cannot achieve.

It also avoids the trouble of replacement, and is widely used for storage and transportation of frozen food, biological drugs, living cell samples, biological enzymes, and pharmaceuticals.

The excellent cooling effect makes Dry ice the darling of cold chain delivery.

Wantong Dry Ice Production Line

For cold chain logistics needs, we provide a complete set of dry ice production solutions. A whole dry ice slices/blocks production , include a dry ice pellets making machine of 1000kg/h capacity , a dry ice reformer machine to press the ice pellets to be solid slices or blocks in high density , then wrapping machine will pack the ice products into ice bags in time . The whole process is automatic opperation , fast and large quantity production , most time only need 1-2 person is enough. Customiztion is available as customers real condition .

Dry ice blocks in bags
Dry ice blocks in bags

Welcome to our Youtube channel @Wantongdryicemachine , or directly to contact us for more details .

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