Wonderful Combination of Ice Cream And Dry Ice CO2

Ice cream is almost a popular dessert worldwide.

Ice cream

Ice cream

Whether on the streets and alleys in the scorching summer, or in various gatherings and celebrations, ice cream plays an indispensable role, bringing happiness and satisfaction to people. Its coolness and taste bring people a refreshing and joyful feeling both physically and mentally. The production process of ice cream is exquisite, incorporating innovative elements and novel flavors to meet people’s needs for diverse and unique experiences. Nowadays, with the rise of e-commerce, delicious ice cream can be delivered directly to your doorstep, and this process requires the help of dry ice.

Dry ice in bag
Dry ice products in bags

Why choose dry ice used for delivery Ice Cream ?

Due to the absorption of heat during the gasification and sublimation process of dry ice, which lowers the surrounding temperature and can have a cooling and insulation effect, dry ice is often used as a refrigerant. It will not transform into a liquid like water ice, but will directly vaporize and sublimate into extremely low temperature and dry carbon dioxide gas. If placed in an Ice storage container, the refrigeration time of dry ice can reach about 1-5 days, while ordinary ice cubes can only reach about 12 hours, so its refrigeration effect will be better than ice cubes , and it is more suitable for long-distance cold chain transportation and other fields .

Dry ice generally comes in blocks, pellets,bullets,and powders. The sublimation speed of block dry ice is relatively slow, making it suitable for long-distance transportation, express logistics transportation, refrigeration of various fresh products that require preservation, and so on. Ice cream is generally transported using block shaped dry ice.

Dry ice- cold chain logistics
Dry ice- cold chain logistics

Of course, using dry ice as a cold insulated medium to transport ice cream requires a process of picking, storing, and leaving the warehouse. In this series of steps, it is necessary to quickly enter and exit, and then use a special dry ice storage container for transportation to ensure better performance of dry ice in a limited time.

How to handle the remaining dry ice in the delivery of ice cream?

Dry ice can be placed in a room temperature and ventilated environment, waiting for it to sublimate and automatically melt.

Or put on gloves and take it in a bucket, add warm water, and show the children the beautiful smoke.

Or just to make a unique cold drink with smokes , cooling in summer .

Dry ice in food


The express delivery of ice cream reflects one of its excellent advantages, as long as transportation and storage are resolved . It can almost fully present the flavor and taste that the producer wants you to eat, which is beyond the reach of other categories such as coffee. For example, bread can also be delivered by express delivery, and the continuation of flavor and taste requires appropriate re baking to achieve; But for ice cream, it feels like it can be handled like red wine, transported and stored well, and can fully convey the producer’s ideas, which is very wonderful.

So, a whole dry ice production line will help this process work better . We WanTong can provide a whole solution , including dry ice making , wrapping into bags and dry ice storage . Large quantity , stable automatic production , easy opperation with high efficiency .

Dry ice produciton line
Dry ice produciton line


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