Dry ice blast cleaner machine types for you to easily choose

Dry ice blast cleaner essentially involves the acceleration of dry ice particles through compressed air, which impact the surface dirt of the object to be cleaned at a high speed. Through the ultra-low temperature and volatilization of dry ice particles, the surface dirt is broken and peeled off from the surface of the object. There are currently various dry ice blasters , different brands, and functions available in the market, So , how to classify dry ice blast cleaner machine ?

Dry ice blast cleaner
Dry ice blast cleaner

Classification of dry ice blast cleaner machines

Classification according to dry ice pellets transportation methods

Dry ice cleaning machine can be divided into single throat spray type and double throat spray type machines .

In the single throat dry ice cleaner models, dry ice particles are directly mixed with air in the same single pipe and undergo acceleration. After appropriate configuration, the single throat spray machine can be suitable for cleaning dirt over a wide range. Its impact jetting force is also relatively large, but its mechanical structure is relatively complex.
In the dual throat models, the conveying of dry ice particles and compressed air is carried out through two pipes respectively, and the mixing is completed at the nozzle. This model has a relatively simple mechanical structure, but the dry ice impact force is small, and the cleaning range of dirt is also relatively small.

Classified by power supply

It is divided into fully pneumatic dry ice clean machines and electric motor dry ice blasters.
The fully pneumatic type cleaner is pneumatically controlled in both dry ice supply and operation control, which can be operated under outdoor conditions and is suitable for spot and light dirt removal.
Electric motor type cleaning machine has strong power, high cleaning force, and good cleaning uniformity, suitable for cleaning large areas of heavy dirt. And electric motor type dry ice cleaning machines require power during operation, resulting in many limitations on usage conditions. But we must also admit that its practical applications are more extensive .

Classification according to the form of cleaning medium(Dry ice)

It can be divided into block ice type dry ice blasting machines and particle ice type ice cleaning machines.

The block dry ice cleaning machine uses a proprietary cutting system to scrape large blocks of dry ice into snowflakes, making the cleaning medium smaller and the spray impact softer, thereby protecting the surface to be cleaned from damage. It is mainly suitable for surface treatment of high-precision products or areas with high requirements for cleaning technology. For example , our WT-CC400B Dry ice baster , it is rightly blocks type cleaner .

WT-CC400B new dry ice blaster

Other most of dry ice blasting machines are dry ice pellets type cleaning medium , it’s a device that most people are familiar with. The pellet model has a strong impact and is suitable for a wider range of cleaning scenarios.

In short, there are many types of dry ice blast cleaner machines, and customers can choose the appropriate models based on their own cleaning needs and desired cleaning effect. At the same time, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider the functional characteristics of the equipment and its own quality.

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