Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Machine WT-CC400B




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Portable CO2 Blocks Dry ice blasting machine WT-CC400B for Fine Cleaning

WT-CC400B new dry ice blaster
Blocks dry ice blast cleaning machine
Motor power0.2kw
Power supply220V-240V
Air Consumption2-4 m³/min
Cleaning medium5kg Dry ice blocks
Hopper Capacity10kg
Air Hose 6m
Blaster Hose 4m
Overall Dimension850x600x1300 mm
Weight100 kg

Working Principle

Blocks Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Machine , use dry ice blocks as cleaning medium , equiped with a sepcial cutting device to make it to be snow ice for blasting , it will supply more mild jet impact , will protect the surface better .

More details view here :  A new product-WT-CC400B

When CO2 pellets come into contact with an object, dry ice at cold temperature of -109.3F or -78.5C will “explodes” on the material surface, from solid to gas in an instant, through the use of kinetic impact, thermal dynamics and gas expansion, CO2 breaks the bond between the contaminant and the substrate, causing the dirt to contract and lose surface adhesion, which makes it a non-abrasive cleaning method.

Using a high pressure spray gun to eject tiny carbon dioxide particles at high speeds compared to other substances used in media cleaning (sand, plastic, etc.), the CO2 particles are relatively soft and the carbon dioxide does not damage the surface even at high speeds and high impact forces.

In this way, it can more environmentally friendly remove the desposit, paint, grease, decal, dirt, oil, ink, resin, and adhesives etc.

Model Features

  • The blasting medium is 5kg dry ice block, soft cleaning;
  • Unique intelligent cutting device, once shortage of material automatically stop;
  • Separately equipped with a warning light to inform the hopper allowance;
  • Equipped with tools shelf to provide enough storage space;
  • Stainless steel body, mixed aluminum edge and frame, lightweight but strong;
  • Suitable for high standard cleaning require like deburring, deflashing, car maintenance , precision elctronics, etc. Maximum protection from damage to object surfaces . 

Standard accessiores : One compressed air pipe, one ice spray pipe, one set of spray gun with one nozzle , power supply control line. And several type nozzles optional .

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