Dry ice blasting in mold industry

2 Foundry Industry

Dry Ice Blasting In Mold Industry

Dry ice blasting in mold industry application, mainly to clean and maintain a large number of molds. And there is injection molding industry and casting industry.

The dry ice blasting machine is used to remove the dirt accumulated on the surface of the molds. The dry ice cleaning can be used to clean the equipment without stopping even though the mold temperature is high. This reduces downtime due to molds cleaning, which takes about 20 minutes instead of three hours . The dry ice blaster is much more convenient in terms of time than traditional cleaning. Dry ice is formed from the solidification of the gas carbon dioxide, is waterless, has no residue, and the entire dry ice blasting process is non-corrosive and abrasive, and does not damage critical mold tolerances. It is worth noting that the exhaust micro-holes can be opened and completely cleaned.

1 Injection Molding Industry

Dry ice blasting can be used in: rubber mold, tire mold, polyethylene mold, PET mold, foam mold, injection mold, alloy die casting mold, hot core box, cold core box for casting, etc. It can remove excess resin failure, demolding layer, carbonization film agent, oil and so on. After cleaning, the mold will be bright as new.

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