Where to buy dry ice blasting machine to clean cars?

Dry ice blasting machine in Auto industry

9 Automobile Manufacturing

Clean the door cover, roof, carriage, car bottom etc, without water stains, will not cause water pollution;

Car carburetor cleaning and car surface paint removal;

To remove engine carbon deposit. The chemical agent treatment time is long, at least more than 48 hours, and the agent is harmful to human body. Dry ice blast cleaning can completely solve the problem of carbon deposit within 10 minutes, which saves time and reduces the cost, and the scale removal rate reaches 100%.

Car Maintenance

Clean and maintain the engine compartment, chassis, etc. to restore the car as before.

WanTong Dry ice blasting machine model WT-CC400 is a small power equipment , suitable for cleaning cars, auto engine , fine parts etc. Just one machine will start your cleaning business.

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