The advantages of dry ice blasting in power plants

5 Power Industry

Widely applications of dry ice blasting in power plants

Dry ice blasting can clean the following components:

Electric boiler, condenser, all kinds of heat exchanger cleaning;

Can be directly on the indoor and outdoor transformer, insulator, power distribution cabinet and wire and cable for live load (below 37KV) cleaning;

Generator, motor, rotor, stator and other components without damage cleaning;

Steam turbine, turbine impeller blade and other components of rust, hydrocarbons and adhesive powder cleaning;

No need to remove the blade, save the adjustment of blade dynamic balance.

Benefits of dry ice blasting in power plants industry :

Effectively decompose pollutants;

Reduced power loss due to the removal of these pollutants;

Reduce the maintenance cost of external equipment and its basic equipment;

Improve the reliability of power system;

Non-abrasive cleaning to keep the integrity of the insulator;

More suitable for preventive maintenance.

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