With 5G development, dry ice cleaner will play a better role

6 Electronics Industry

In line with 5G development, dry ice cleaner will play a better role in electronics industry.

At present, the electronic industry technology requirements are high, the number of products is large, the product update is fast, the traditional manual cleaning method has been unable to meet the process requirements. Dry ice cleaner plays a decisive role in the maintenance of automated technologies.

Production environment, dust, temperature and humidity can affect the condition and function of electronic components. Manual cleaning is laborious and inefficient, and can damage the surface of electronic components. The use of dry ice cleaning, no need to disassemble and assemble electronic components, even difficult to clean the edges and corners can also achieve fast online cleaning, maintenance efficiency is greatly improved. And dry ice blasting is a non-destructive cleaning method, without any damage to the surface of electronic components.

We recommend our Wantong dry ice cleaner model WT-CC400B , a milder blasting impact , will better for protecting the object surface not damage .

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