What is the effect of dry ice blasting to clean waste heat boiler?

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The use of dry ice blasting to clean the dust on the tube bundle of waste heat boiler has a good effect and has been widely used in the cleaning of waste heat boiler in building materials manufacturing industry.

Dry ice cleaning technology is powered by compressed air, through the professional dry ice blaster to spray dry ice pellets to the dust surface of the tube bundle, dry ice sublimation expansion, strip the dust on the tube bundle , making up for the shortage of traditional dust removal.

On the one hand, it can be cleaned online without disassembly and assembly. At the same time, the dry ice is not corrosive and does not contain moisture, so it will not increase oxidation and reduce the secondary operating cost.

On the other hand, the cleaning period is greatly shortened, the cleaning cost is low and the effect is good. In addition, in the dry ice cleaning process, the floating ash is recycled to the dust hopper by the wind power of the system fan, which reduces the environmental pollution on the site.

After dry ice blasting, the boiler is put into production. By comparing the parameters before and after cleaning, the pressure difference of super-heater is reduced, the pressure difference of AQC boiler is reduced, the resistance of boiler system is reduced, the heat transfer efficiency is significantly improved, and the power generation is also improved.

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