Small Dry Ice Making Machine WT-300-2




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Small dry ice making machine /Dry ice pellets maker 50kg / Dry ice pelletizer 3mm pellets

Small dry ice making machine
Model No.WT-300 WT-300-2 
Total machine power2.2 kw3.5 kw
Power supply380V/50-60HZ380V/50-60HZ
Dry ice size mold3mm–14mm3mm — 14mm
Dry ice quality ≧1.5 ton/m3≧1.5 ton/m3
Transformation rate≥38%≥38% 
Machine dimensions730 ×485 × 780 mm730 ×485 × 980 mm
Liquid inlet pressure≤2.1 Mpa≤2.1 Mpa 

Dry ice Making machine WT-300-2

Dry ice making machine WT-300-2

This is the upgrade of model WT-300, small dry ice pellets maker, double cylinder production , double quantity capacity to be 45-60kg per hour , extrusion mold common size 3mm /9mm/14mm , adapt to commercial use for dry ice cleaning or keeping cold.

In recent years, dry ice has been used more and more widely, not only for industrial purposes, but also for food and catering industries, such as ice cream delivery, coffee or cold drinks making , the bars use, and so on..

This dry ice production system is composed of frame, oil tank, hydraulic manifold block, cylinder , electric motor , etc . 

Using liquid CO2 as raw material , to produce dry ice pellets in small quantity . 

Stainless steel 304L body , with aluminum profile edge sealing ;

Corrosion resistant, easy to maintain, long service life . 

Machine Features

Mainly satisfy the small quantity demands of dry ice pellets for commercial use .

30kg/h is a single head type , 60kg/h is double-head control type . 

Dry ice size mold  3mm — 14mm optional , you can choose one according to your demands .

Changing a mold manually is easy . 

Adding a handle on the side of machine body , easy to push and move . 


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