WANTONG Dry Ice Pelletizer WT-2000-2




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CO2 Dry Ice Pelleting Machine Industrial Large Dry ice production 500-1000kg/h for Dry ice factory /plant

Dry ice pelletizer WT-2000-2
Model No.WT-2000-2 Dry Ice Pelletizer 
Total machine power11 kw22kw
Power supply380V/50HZ/3P380V/50HZ/3P 
Dry ice size mold3 /9 /14 /16 /19 mm3 /9 /14 /16 /19 mm 
Dry ice densityFood grade ≧1.5 
Industrial grade ≧1.3
Food grade ≧1.5 
Industrial grade ≧1.3 
Transformation rate≥42% ≥42%
Machine dimensions1400×1420×1680 mm1960×1420 x1820mm
Weight2000 kg2650kg
Liquid inlet pressure≤2.1 Mpa≤2.1 Mpa 
Feul tank volume300 liter500 liter 

Dry ice pellets making machine series -WANTONG China Supplier

This mode WT-2000-2 is a double cylinder control type , it is mainly composed of hydraulic system, electrical control system and extrusion molding system. Using hydraulic extrusion molding, LCO2 as material , with different dry ice size mold 3mm –19mm to produce translucent, high density dry ice pellets or bullets .

All the key parts and components are imported brand , to ensure the safety and stable peration of the equipment. With low failure rate, the equipment can produce for 24 hours continuously. Can meet large quantity dry ice demands .

With New Design Features

  • Generous and simple appearance, easy to clean;
  • Upgrade to closed body , lower production noise;
  • Intelligent operation, one-button start and stop;
  • Customize different production capacity according to your needs;
  • Cylinder of double-head machine can be independently controlled;
  • Different sizes of molds can be selected according to different demands, which is convenient and fast to change.
WT-2000-2 new design

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