WANTONG Dry Ice Pelletizer WT-2000-1




CO2 dry ice pellets making machine 250kg/h Dry ice production capacity middle industry

Dry ice pelletizer WT-2000-1
Model No.WT-2000-1 Dry Ice Pelletizer
Total machine power11 kw
Power supply380V/50HZ/3P
Dry ice size mold3 /9 /14 /16 /19 mm
Dry ice densityFood grade ≧1.5 
Industrial grade ≧1.3
Transformation rate≥42%
Machine dimensions1400×1080×1680 mm
Weight1500 kg
Liquid inlet pressure≤2.1 Mpa
Body materialStainless steel 304L

Dry ice pellets making machine series -WANTONG China Manufacturer

At room temperature, when carbon dioxide gas is pressurized to about 101,325Pa , some of the gas is cooled to about -56℃, and will freeze into snowflake solid carbon dioxide. The gasification heat of solid carbon dioxide is very high, 364.5 J/g at -60℃. When it gasified at atmospheric pressure, the ambient temperature can be reduced to about -78℃, and no liquid is produced, so it is called “Dry Ice”.

With the development of industry, people’s cognition and utilization of dry ice are increasing. Dry ice is also used more and more widely, mainly as a cooling medium and industrial cleaning medium.

This mode WT-2000-1 is a single cylinder control type , it is mainly composed of hydraulic system, electrical control system and extrusion molding system. Using hydraulic extrusion molding, LCO2 as material , with different dry ice size mold 3mm –19mm to produce translucent, high density dry ice pellets or bullets .

All the key parts and components are with best quality , to ensure the safety and stable peration of the equipment. With low failure rate, the equipment can produce for 24 hours continuously.

Its producton capacity max can be 250kg per hour , can meet middle dry ice quantity demands.

Customized other production is available , 150kg/h ,180kg/h , 200kg/h etc. 


Model WT-2000-1 Features

  • Integral 304L stainless steel body,  long life time durable in use ;
  • PLC control panel, easy to operate;
  • One button to start&stop automatic production, worry free and reliable;
  • Optional dry ice size moulds, 3mm-19mm , manually change is easy ;
  • Classic design with exposed cylinder body, convenient for maintainance and care;
  • 24 hours continuous production.
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