200g — 5kg Dry ice blocks- How useful in your life

Dry ice is a good cold insulated medium ,   it has kinds of type with different size , like small pellets , bullets , and blocks ; among them , dry ice block cooling performance is the best .

small dry ice block
small dry ice block with bags

So how does Dry ice block work ?

At room temperature and pressure, dry ice directly sublimates into gas-CO2 without liquefication, absorbing a lot of heat and rapidly cooling the surrounding environment. Therefore, putting dry ice next to the object to be preserved can play a role in keeping cold and fresh. This is one of the most widely used fresh-keeping methods in the world. 

The amount of heat needed to sublimate 1KG dry ice into the same temperature of carbon dioxide gas-CO2 can reduce 137KG water temperature by 1℃.

In addition, dry ice can isolate oxygen-O2 by increasing the partial pressure of CO2 in the packaging, inhibit the breeding of bacteria, slow down their metabolism, and ensure that fruits, vegetables and seafood products are fresh and not spoiled.

Applications of dry ice blocks

Smoke Effect 

Dry ice is widely used in stage, theater, film and television, wedding, celebration, evening parties etc. to produce special effects. When dry ice block is putted into a special fog machine, white smoke will float out instantly, as if you are in the sea of clouds. The beautiful and magnificent effect makes people love it. There are countless classic shows around the world that use dry ice for their special effects.

Adding dry ice into a wine cocktail or drinks , to make it cool and delicious, which is smoke-filled and atmospheric.

Chefs in star-rated hotels or high-end restaurants and hotels use dry ice to make seafood specialties. When the food is served, dry ice is added inside, which can create a white smoke landscape, bringing the visual effect of experience and improving the banquet level.

dry ice in food
Dry ice effect in food


Add a little dry ice when making ice cream, it doesn’t melt easily. Dry ice is especially good for take-out ice cream delivery. 

Used for lobster, crab, shark fin and other seafood refrigeration. Dry ice volatilizes directly into CO2 gas, without water, which is more convenient and clean than water ice . It has been widely used in fishery industry in Europe and The United States. 

Cold Chain Transportation

Long and short distance transportation of electronic low temperature materials, precision components, etc.

Cryogenic refrigeration transport of plasma, vaccines and other medical materials that need special low temperature environment. During COVID-19 period , dry ice is widely used in international logistics .

Dry ice- cold chain logistics

Special Use — Air fertilizer 

The raw material of plant photosynthesis is inseparable from CO2, and the long-term supply of CO2 through volatilization of dry ice block can improve the efficiency of plant photosynthesis and increase production.

Practice shows that using this method can prolong the growth cycle of vegetables, increase the sugar content of crops by about 20%, reduce pesticide use by 60-70% . How usefull ! (PS: These datas come from https://www.sohu.com/a/475479226_120064990 , for reference only)

Dry ice block supply CO2
Dry ice blocks supply CO2 in the shed

How to buy / get dry ice blocks ?

If you only need several pieces for home use , you can just give a call to a dry ice company near you . It is easy and fast .

But if you do the business , and need large quantity of dry ice blocks , it is better to get a dry ice block making machine to produce yourself . We provide Wantong dry ice pelletizer and dry ice reformer machine , even a whole production line with bagging , which can produce automatically high density products, and sizes can be adjusted as required .

Are you interested ? If yes , welcome to contact us .

Here is a reference video for you to have a look :

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