3 Dry Ice Storage Methods Available , Advice For You

Dry ice storage methods should be concerned. The advantage of dry ice is its low temperature and small size, which makes it much better at cooling than water ice. At the same time, dry ice also has the function of sterilization, can effectively ensure the freshness of food. Dry ice has been used in many fields now, but dry ice is easy to sublimate and evaporate into gas-CO2 .

▶Storage Of Large Quantity Dry Ice

1.Keep in a professional dry ice storage box

Wantong professional Dry Ice Storage Container can be selected from our company. Using special rolling plastic process, PE material added PU protective layer, improve the cooling effect, and can reduce the dry ice loss rate to 6%. 

dry ice container
Wantong Dry Ice container

2. Store in a cryogenic freezer

If a long storage period is required, it is most effective to keep the dry ice storage environment at -80℃, and the cryogenic freezer is preferred.

When buying a large amount of dry ice at a time, it should be packed and stored separately in small bags, and take out the required amount each time. Don’t take the same pack of dry ice out and back again and again. If it is a dry ice block , try not to cut the whole block into small pieces, otherwise it will accelerate its loss.

3. Easy storage in foam incubator

This is a simple and easy to operate storage method at room temperature. There are special double dry ice foam insulation boxes on the market, compared with ordinary insulation boxes, its density is higher, the material is thicker, the overall weight is much heavier, the insulation effect of this box is better, of course, the price will be a little higher.

干冰保冷 2

▶Tips for dry ice storage at home

Dry ice is generally bought by families in small quantities, most of which are temporary, so it is mainly stored in foam boxes. There are the following points to note:

  1. Food grade dry ice is non-toxic and tasteless, but the temperature is very low, wear cotton gloves when handling, do not touch directly with your hands to avoid frostbite.
  2. If you want to store dry ice in the refrigerator, do not put it naked, as it will damage the life of the refrigerator. It is better to put it together with the dry ice container or boxes,  which can effectively keep the cool air around, reduce the dry ice loss , thus prolong the preservation time . Also pay attention to ventilation.
  3. Do not put dry ice in a plastic bottles with tight lids and then put them in the refrigerator . In this case, the CO2 gas will accumulate and cause an explosion.
  4. Please use as soon as possible, do not store for a long time.
dry ice
dry ice with bags

▶How long can dry ice keep?

How dry ice can be preserved for a longer time is the concern of most people. In fact, it has no definite value. Because it is more reasonable to calculate the storage time comprehensively according to the external conditions of storage, including the effect of the incubator, the ambient temperature, the specifications , and the dry ice storage method and many other factors.

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