Sharing: Cool Dry Ice Projects – Have A Fun New Year of 2022 !

Keep Health & Happy New Year

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been increasing in many countries around the world since winter began. Although today is the last day of 2021, we are still fighting the epidemic. Recently, many European countries have come under pressure to retighten quarantine measures.

Greece last week forced people to wear face masks in the open and banned Public Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The Italian government has banned large outdoor events and closed nightclubs and dance halls until January 31.

The detailed news is here:

stay at home

by Zahidul

Tomorrow is 2022.1.1, the first day of the New Year is just around the corner, we still have to have a good time and expect good things to happen.

We Qingdao Newtep wish all friends and families happiness, health and Happy New Year ! 

happy new year

Cool Dry Ice Projects

14 Experiments With Solid Carbon Dioxide –Dry Ice

So , share some interesting dry ice experiments that you can try at home with children. Have fun ! 

Here are several dry ice projects:

Cool Dry Ice Fog

Dry Ice Crystal Ball

Make Your Own Dry Ice

Frozen Soap Bubble 

Inflate a Balloon With Dry Ice

Simulate a Comet

Dry Ice Bomb

Dry Ice Erupting Volcano Cake

Cool Dry Ice Bubbles

Wow , total 14 dry ice projects , every one is interesting , more details please view here

dry ice project
1 dry ice project

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