How To Choose 1 Right Dry Ice Making Machine ?

A customer comes to inquiry our dry ice making machines to start his dry ice business , but he cannot sure what type of the machine needed.  Today let us to introduce this series in details , wish will help you to get some usefull advice .

How many type of dry ice products are there ?

At present , there are dry ice pellets , bullets , slice / flake and blocks . They are widely used in different field . Dry ice pellets often used in food industry , and dry ice cleaning services. Dry ice slices or blocks most time used in cold chain field to keep fresh and cold . Of course , there maybe other type like snowflake or powder ,  such kind of dry ice are readily available not need to produce in large quantity.

dry ice products
dry ice products

What kind of dry ice making machine I can choose ?

Firstly , you have to know the role of each type dry ice maker machine .

dry ice making machine
1type of dry ice making machine

Dry ice pelletizer machine can transform liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) to be solid dry ice pellets or bullets , production from 30kg/h to 1000kg/h generally , and dry ice diameter 3mm–19mm is optional .  More introduction of Wantong series please come to 

Dry ice block making machine , it is a kind of one-time machinery which will convert LCO2 directly to be dry ice flakes and blocks . Opperation is easy , but production rate is a little slow, and dry ice products dencity is average . If you donot mind of the production speed , and quantity demands is general , can consider it .

Dry ice reformer , this is a new type of machine to produce dry ice blocks . It is a secondary formed equipment , will press dry ice pellets directly to blocks with different sizes . Actually it needs to combine a dry ice pelletizer to work together . So , our company developed out the dry ice production line , except this two machine it also include a conveyor and bagging machine , can afford large quantity produce with high efficiency , and the dry ice blocks density is higher not easy to break .

dry ice blocks
dry ice blocks

Ok , after our introduction maybe you can understand more about the dry ice making machines . According the dry ice products shape you need , you will confirm the dry ice making machine type ,  then you can choose a suitable equipment according to the required production output.

And it will be more easily if you come to contact us , we will give you a good solution as required , customized is acceptable .

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