5 Advantages Of Dry Ice Blasting Machines In Industry Cleaning

Dry ice blasting machine as industrial cleaning equipment, compared with other cleaning equipment, flexibility and universality has won the welcome of many enterprises. It is a better choice for many factories to replace traditional cleaning and improve efficiency. 

What are the advantages of dry ice blasting machines?


1. Realize cleaning online

Dry ice blast cleaning machine can realize online cleaning, no impact on the production process, more stable performance.

It reduce downtime, does not need to increase labor and production equipment, can increase output, production efficiency is greatly improved. 

Dry ice blasting online

Dry ice blasting online– WT-750B

2.Extend the service life of equipment and mold

Unlike sand particles, glass beads, plastic particles, and other abrasive media, dry ice pellets are not abrasive.

Dry ice blasting machine during cleaning process does not damage the surface of the object, does not damage the mold tolerance, bearing and machinery .

In addition, online cleaning avoids accidental damage in the process of disassembly and assembly.

Wantong Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Wantong Dry Ice Blasting Machine — WT-800A

3. Dry cleaning process without water

Dry ice particles will be converted from solid to gaseous CO2 when leaving the nozzle of the dry ice blasting machine.

So , when a dry ice cleaning machine cleaning circuit, control components, switches, no affect .

After cleaning, the possibility of rusting is also greatly reduced , compared with high pressure water cleaning.

In the food industry, dry ice cleaning also reduces the likelihood of bacterial growth. 

Dry ice cleaning

4. Economical and environmental protection

Dry ice blasting is non-residues , there is no rxtra cost for cleaning up secondary contaminants .

Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic substance that it melts directly into the air. Instead of cleaning with toxic chemicals, clean with dry ice to avoid chemical damage at all.

However, it should be noted that because CO2 is heavier than air, ventilation must be ensured when cleaning in closed Spaces or sunken areas. 


Finally , when you want to choose a good quality dry ice blasting machine , be sure to find a trusted manufacturer to recommend professional dry ice blasters . Wantong brand dry ice machine is a good choice , welcome your inquiry .

Show you one of our examples , with Dry ice blaster WT-800A online cleaning the films production line



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