Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Perfectly Meet The High Precision Requirements

Among many cleaning methods, dry ice blasting cleaning can meet the requirements of high-precision cleaning, so it is widely used in the medical device manufacturing industry.

In the process of medical instrument manufacturing, from the production of catheter to the handle of surgical equipment to the surgical stent, Cleaning and maintenance of manufacturing equipment is also a key step in product qualification. In the production process, to ensure the molds clean is the premise of producing high-quality medical products. At the same time,the finishing process must ensure that parts are delivered free of defects or excess material and ready for use. So some medical devices will also face burring and flashing edge problems in the production. Unlike micro-sandblasting, dry ice blasting cleaning does not damage the mold and fixture, reducing the replacement cost of the mold fixture. Precision dry ice cleaning is the perfect solution to improve medical device manufacturing processes.

Dry ice blasting Cleaning
Dry ice blasting cleaning

So how does dry ice blasting cleaning specifically present its advantages in the medical manufacturing industry?

Comprehensive observation, the key performance is in the following aspects.

Medical catheter mold cleaning

In the production and manufacture of conduits, liquid silicone injection molding is usually used for the tip and Y part of the pipe. The mold used is more independent than the conventional mold, and the cavity is smaller and deeper, which is prone to residue in production, resulting in substandard tolerances, increased reject rate, and frequent cleaning.

Use dry ice blasting cleaning, fast, simple and efficient, no need to disassemble the machine and can be directly cleaned, clean edges and corners is easy. It has been proved by experiment that the yield of good product has been greatly improved.

Deburring the catheter tip.

Its production involves rolling flat metal into thin tubes, cutting them to a certain size and grinding them to form a point. During the grinding process, metal chips are produced and must be removed.

Using dry ice blasting can greatly shorten the cleaning time, online cleaning to reduce excessive movement, non-destructive cleaning will not harm the product surface, improve the product quality.

Medical support mold cleaning

Medical implants are usually made of metal or plastic. It will be inserted into a hollow structure of the hunman body to keep it open, so tolerances are extremely strict. The production difficulty lies in the high cleanliness requirements of the mold, the precision mold is very expensive, and the fixture of the product is vulnerable.

Dry ice blasting is easily and efficiently complete the cleaning requirements, no damage to the mold, fixture and product itself, no residue harmless, to ensure the medical function of these products.

Dry ice blasting cleaning has also been successfully used in the cleaning of pipeline valve assembly production molds and in the manufacture of surgical tools and surgical instruments. It has become a standard cleaning process in the medical device manufacturing industry.

In general, dry ice blasting still has obvious advantages in meeting the requirements of high-precision cleaning:

Improve product quality

Reduced downtime

No damage to molds and products

Improve process and product consistency

Clean directly on the machine without demolishing the mold

Environmental protection, no secondary pollution

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