In Cold Chain Logistics Dry Ice Is One 1 Important Part

In cold chain logistics dry ice is widely used and has become an important part of cold chain transportation.

cold chain logistics
cold chain logistics

Dry ice is easier to operate, safer and more convenient than liquid nitrogen, and has been adopted by quite a number of universities (mainly life sciences) and research institutes in the world.

Dry ice is used for cryogenic refrigeration for medical purposes and for the transport of special drugs such as plasma and vaccines. Dry ice is used for the preservation and transportation of living cells and biological agents such as cell lines and genetic reagents. Biological laboratory samples of living cells are transported refrigerated with solid carbon dioxide. The refrigerated transport of blood samples by air also requires dry ice to help cool them down. Its role in the cold chain loistics of vaccines in COLID-19 is obvious to all.

7 Medical field
dry ice keep vaccines

Dry ice is used for frozen and refrigerated transportation and preservation of seafood such as lobster, crab, shark fin and salmon, as well as long-distance transportation of electronic low-temperature materials and precision components.

Dry ice is used for the transportation of high-grade food such as high-grade beef and mutton.

Haagen-dazs uses dry ice to keep its mooncakes and ice cream cool after transportation. In recent years, they specially make dry ice gift boxes, so that the delicious food will remain good tast unchanged.

Dry ice has obvious advantages in cold chain logistics.

The existing cold chain express generally adopts the refrigeration mode of refrigeration vehicle compressor refrigeration unit, whose energy consumption is very large, which is neither economical nor environmental protection for the low temperature distribution with current huge demand.

Some fresh cold chain express uses ice bags and other cooling materials. Although it can be recycled, but there are many obvious deficiencies like the cost is high, the secondary cold storage time and the turnover cycle is long, the cold storage capacity is insufficient, etc.

In recent two years, a rechargeable electric vehicle refrigerator is also occupying the fresh city distribution market, known as the perfect solution to the last 1 kilometer of fresh distribution. Yes, it has advantages, but the investment is high and the battery pack and frame life is also limited.

Fresh food has a short refrigerated shelf life and can be kept for several months if it can be frozen. Long-term freezing must be kept below -18, and dry ice can reach -78, which is beyond the reach of most refrigerated cabinets. So the cold chain logistics of fresh food, meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and eggs can be greatly extended by using dry ice.

In contrast, dry ice is more and more used in cold chain logistics and urban distribution due to its excellent cooling effect.  The low temperature distribution mode with dry ice as cold source uses dry ice to release cold energy during transportation to keep cool /cold of goods. This mode is very suitable for low-temperature distribution of a small number of goods. As a new low temperature logistics distribution method, it is low cost, no extra energy, very convenient to use.

small dry ice block
small dry ice block with bags
How to get Dry ice ?

Cold chain logistics requires a huge amount of dry ice, so most of logistics companies need to produce their own products to reduce the cost of materials, that’s wha’s happens at UPS company. So ,to choose a good quality dry ice making machine is also necessary , we Qingdao Newtep has own factory to manufacture the dry ice equipment with high efficiency to produce high density dry ice pellets, bullets and blocks .

Dry ice bullet 16mm
Dry ice bullet 16mm

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