2022 New Small Dry Ice Maker – Upgrade Pelletizer

The emergence of small dry ice maker machines is meeting the needs of many people for small amounts of dry ice. With the application of dry ice becoming more and more widely, people gradually understand it and begin to use it in all walks of life.

Small dry ice maker
Small dry ice maker

What is a small dry ice maker machine ?

Dry ice making machine is an equipment which can transform liquid CO2 to be solid type- Cold Dry Ice , yes , its raw material is liquid carbon dioxide , this is a answer that most of friends want to know . Using this kind of machine , you will get different type and size dry ice products like dry ice pellets /bullets/nugget, dry ice cubes/blocks …

To meet different dry ice quantity demands , there will be industrial dry ice pelletizer can afford large quantity dry ice production in a special project ; also there are small dry ice maker which can produce dry ice in a low capacity to meet people’s little dry ice demands or for commercial use .

dry ice products
dry ice products

Which kind of small dry ice pellets maker machine we can provide ?

We- Qingdao Newtep can provide Wantong brand dry ice maker machine , and small is WT-300 , details please view here : https://www.ntpco2.com/product/dry-ice-pellets-maker/

It has two type of production capacity , basic 30kg/hr and the upgrade type 60kg/hr , dry ice diameter is optional from 3mm to 14mm to meet customers’ different use .

Here is a new testing video of this 60kg/hr type dry ice machine , just have a look :


Any inquiries please contact us at your time . Welcome to our Youtube Channel @WanTong Dry Ice Machine  , we will update some dry ice machine videos time to time .

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