Dry Ice Block Machine -2022 Wonderfull Solution For Cold Chain

What is Dry ice block machine ?

Dry ice block machine is a equipment which can produce dry ice blocks with different size .

Generally there are two type : dry ice blocks maker machine which is primary molding machine it can transform liquid CO2 to be dry ice blocks directly ; another type is dry ice former machine , it needs to work with a dry ice pelletizer , because this type machine needs dry ice pellets as material and it will press them to be dry ice blocks with high density, for example our model WT-1500 .

Dry ice block machine WT-1500
Dry ice block machine in producing

How to choose the Dry ice block machine ? Which type is good for me ?

The main differences between the two type machine are as follows:

1. Raw materials are different. So , you have consider the overall cost of production, or what you can afford to spend.

2. The density of dry ice products is different . That dry ice blocks produced by the dry ice reformer have higher density, slower volatilization rate and longer storage time. The reason for this is simply that these products are molded by secondary extrusion.

dry ice blocks
Dry ice blocks product

3. Different productivity. The primary molding machine–Dry ice blocks maker will take a longer time to complete the conversion from LCO2 to dry ice, which is simpler but very slower.

Then Dry ice reformer machine is much more efficient, but also can be added with the packaging line, efficient and fast, can meet the large demand for dry ice blocks especially the Cold chain logistics industry.

About the dry ice reformer machine production , welcome to take a look at here : https://youtu.be/v-mhjmmKn1Y

With the arrival of summer, temperatures are getting hotter and the need for ice to store and transport materials is increasing . Are you ready to have this kind of machine to develop your business ?

Welcome to communacate with us , Qingdao Newtep will provide a good solution for you .

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