CO2 Dry Ice Cryogenic Cleaning Waste Heat Boiler

Dry ice blast cleaning is also called as Cryogenic Cleaning , because dry ice is -78℃ , is a kind of low temperature cleaning medium .

dry ice blasting
Cryogenic Cleaning


Today let us learn more about CO2 Dry Ice Cryogenic Cleaning Waste Heat Boiler .

Waste Heat Boiler
Waste Heat Boiler

What is Waste Heat Boiler ?

The waste heat boiler is different from the ordinary boiler, which uses the heat in the waste gas, waste material or waste liquid in various industrial processes, or the heat generated after the combustion of combustible materials, or in the fuel oil (or gas) combined cycle unit, using high-temperature flue gas heat discharged from the gas turbine boiler. This type of boiler are widely used in kinds of industries , expecially in cement manufacturing plant.

Waste heat power generation boiler uses waste heat from the kiln head and kiln tail of cement rotary kiln as raw material to produce low-pressure steam, which enters the turbine to drive the generator to generate electricity. In this way, the waste heat of kiln head and kiln tail can be used very effectively. On the one hand, it can reduce the power consumption of the factory, reduce the cost of cement manufacturing and increase the efficiency of the factory. In addition, the emission of C02 and other gases has been reduced, and the environmental pollution has been effectively improved.

Do both kiln head and kiln tail need Dry Ice Cryogenic Cleaning ?

Due to the design characteristics of waste heat boiler itself, problems such as corrosion and ash accumulation are easy to occur in the actual operation, which can not achieve the expected goal of energy saving and improving power generation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the ash accumulation regularly to reduce the corrosion of the boiler. Dry ice cryogenic cleaning is a very effective cleaning method used by many cement enterprises.

But at the present stage, many enterprises have a certain misunderstanding of boiler cleaning, that cleaning only needs to clean the kiln head or kiln tail, in fact, there is a difference between the two.

The exhaust gas of kiln head is characterized by small dust content, clinker particles, strong sharpening but not strong adhesion;

The characteristics of kiln tail gas: high dust content, dust is raw material, sharpening is not strong but has certain adhesion.

Both of them have ash accumulation and solidification, so when the waste heat power generation boiler enters the stage of centralized shutdown and dressing after a long time operation, the kiln head and kiln tail need to be cleaned in order to run better.

Advantages Of Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Waste Heat Boilers

Dry ice cryogenic cleaning technology is powered by compressed air. Dry ice is sprayed onto the surface of bundle ash by on-site equipment. The dry ice particles are heated and expanded, and the ash on bundle is stripped off, which makes up for the deficiency of traditional ash cleaning method from all aspects:

Online cleaning can be realized without disassembly and assembly;

Dry ice is non-corrosive and contains no moisture, so does not increase oxidation;

Dry ice cleaning does not need water, no additional processing costs, reducing cleaning costs;

If there is no compaction in the boiler, the construction period only needs about 5 days, if the boiler after compaction, the cleaning period is about 7 days, saving time .

In general, dry ice cleaning cost low, use short time, with good results. At the same time, in the dry ice cryogenic cleaning process, the floating ash on the tube bundle of the boiler is recycled into the dust collector hopper by means of the wind power of the system fan, which reduces the on-site environmental pollution.

Furnace tube before cleaning
Furnace tube before dry ice cleaning
Furnace tubes after cleaning
Furnace tube after dry ice cleaning

How to choose a suitable Dry Ice Blaster Machine ?

According to our current cleaning experience, the cleaning area of waste heat boiler is relatively large and the work load is heavy, so we can choose these two cleaning equipment : WT-750B middle type , WT-800A large power type .

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